UPDATE: HAL Bartender is First Runner-Up at Bacardi Legacy Cruise Competition

UPDATE: PUERTO RICO (Feb. 18, 2019) — Holland America Line Bartender, Narciso “Archie” Mariano, Jr., was named First Runner-Up at the 2019 Bacardi Legacy Cruise Competition in San Juan, with his cocktail The Velvet Fashionista.

Winner of the competition was Carnival Cruise Line Mixologist, Sanja Cvijetic, with her cocktail, The Purple Sunset.

We caught up with Archie who had this to say about the competition,

“That competition was one of a kind experience. We didn’t win the bacon. We landed as 1st Runner-Up, but, for us, we are the peoples champion. We gained the respect of all the bartenders, and they were shouting my name during the announcement.”

Archie added, “For me, the Legacy Competition is just the beginning. I’m looking forward now to share what I’ve learned and experienced with the whole fleet as soon as I got back. Out of 1200 bartenders to 100 and then to the top 5! Then to go from the top 5 to the final 3, that’s amazing! I still believe that the one thing that brought me there is my right attitude.”

Now that the competition is over, Archie is taking some time off before going back to sea. He’ll soon be joining Holland America’s newest ship, the Nieuw Statendam in March, 2019. On board he’ll be back doing what he loves to do, delighting passengers with his mixology skills.

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