Team Uruguay Charters Crystal Skye For World Cup Travel

MIAMI, June 19, 2018 – Transporting one of the world’s best soccer teams to the world’s most elite tournament, Crystal AirCruises’ Crystal Skye – the world’s largest and most luxurious privately-owned Boeing 777-200LR aircraft – took off from Montevideo Carrsaco International Airport in Uruguay on June 9. On board were the players, coaches and members of the Uruguay National Football Association, on their way to compete on the world’s stage in Russia.  In all, the aircraft was full, accommodating 88 guests in 180-degree lie-flat seats for the 15.5-hour flight, with Crystal’s crew of 20 attending to the team’s needs along the way.

“It’s an honor to work with this esteemed football club for such a significant journey,” says Thatcher Brown, president of Dream Cruises, who also oversees Crystal Cruises’ Asia business development including AirCruises. “The anticipation and energy surrounding the upcoming matches was palpable. We are happy to provide the team with a seamless, luxurious journey as they embark on one of the greatest athletic challenges in the world.”

Crystal Skye’s pilots and renowned team of Skye Attendants saw to every detail, even before take-off. Just prior to departing the runway in Uruguay, the Captain connected the aircraft’s PA radio communications directly to the flight tower, allowing Air Traffic Control officials to personally wish the team good luck and farewell. In flight, the team and their crew enjoyed the integrated entertainment library and streaming options on the HD TVs at each seat in between team meetings and socializing in Crystal Skye’s dedicated lounge.

Every facet of the Crystal Skye charter experience can be tailored to suit the preferences of its guests, from the itinerary length, locales and land experiences, to the customizable onboard menu world-class cuisine prepared by the executive chef. Onboard, every detail has implemented to Crystal’s exacting standards of luxury. Crystal Exclusive Class™ Seats were specially designed for Crystal AirCruises by Zodiac Seating, with optimum ergonomic comfort in mind. The lie-flat seating is configured to afford travelers restful sleep during overnight flights, with staggered placement to allows for window views in every direction during the day. Each seat is equipped with a 26-inch HD TV and a full library of media and live broadcasts, as well as personal USB and power outlets and complimentary global Wi-Fi, enabling travelers to stay connected for business or pleasure during their journey.

Uruguay’s team is currently up in its World Cup matches, beating the Egyptian team 1-0 during the June 15 game. The team is set to face Saudi Arabia on June 20 and plans to return home aboard Crystal Skye once the tournament has concluded. Crystal Skye charters have been operated by Comlux Aviation since 2017.

Liam Cusack

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