Hurtigruten Resumes Three Popular Itineraries – Explore & Experience the Unique, Natural Nordic Light

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Among the adventures are two land & sea tours and one science-based sailing combining city lights of Scandinavia with those of the Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun.

New York, NY – Dec. 1, 2023Hurtigruten, the world’s leading expedition cruise line, is reviving three pre-pandemic itineraries that delve into the captivating cultural tapestry and celestial wonders of the Nordic region. Unveiling Nordic Splendors Two immersive land and sea adventures explore the northern reaches of Finland and the Norwegian coastline, while a comprehensive astronomy-focused voyage delves into the mysteries of the Arctic sky. Each itinerary is meticulously crafted to provide an unforgettable Nordic adventure, brimming with unique excursions and traditional experiences.

Journey of the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

The 15-day Follow the Northern Lights: Land and Sea Tour embarks on an overland expedition through Finland’s snow-laden forests from Helsinki, offering opportunities for exhilarating husky dog and reindeer safaris, cultural immersion into Sámi heritage, and traditional fishing and hunting experiences. Guests will also have ample chances to witness the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis.

The cruise segment of the tour begins in Kirkenes and meanders its way down Norway’s coastline, traversing picturesque fjords and charming fishing villages. Guests will immerse themselves in the region’s natural beauty, embark on thrilling snowmobile excursions, and visit heritage museums. City tours of Helsinki, Bergen, and Oslo add a touch of urban sophistication to this captivating cultural and historical journey.

To maximize the unique allure of the Midnight Sun, the 15-day Follow the Midnight Sun: Land and Sea Tour follows a similar route during the months of June and July. This itinerary begins with a ferry ride from Stockholm to Helsinki, followed by an overland journey to Finland’s northern regions before setting sail on the Coastal Express voyage down the Norwegian coast to Bergen. Under the perpetual glow of the Midnight Sun, guests will enjoy Nordic cosmopolitan capital cities, husky and reindeer adventures, Sámi culture immersion, and the crossing of the Arctic Circle. The sea voyage commences in Kirkenes after a night at the Snowhotel, leading into dozens of breathtaking Norwegian fjords. Guests will immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of quaint fishing communities, tour scenic archipelagos, and marvel at towering mountain peaks and Europe’s largest glacier. City tours of Stockholm, Helsinki, and Bergen add a touch of urban flair to the itinerary’s cultural tapestry.

Astronomy Voyage: Unveiling the Celestial Marvels

A 12-day Follow the Stars: Astronomy Voyage – venturing from Bergen and back along Norway’s captivating coastline in November, January, and February – offers a fascinating exploration of the celestial wonders of the Arctic sky. Renowned astronomers Ian Ridpath, John Mason, Sadie Jones, and Tom Kerss will provide engaging lectures and guided night sky tours from the ship’s deck. Guests will delve into the Northern Lights, stars, planets, meteors, and the myths and legends associated with the constellations.

The Original Coastal Express: A Journey of Nordic Beauty

The Original Coastal Express, a cornerstone of all three itineraries, visits 34 ports, passing by over 100 fjords and over 1,000 mountains, just as it has for 130 years. Optional excursions lead to natural treasures and historical landmarks, offering opportunities for snowmobiling, birdwatching, and further enriching the cultural experience. An exclusive visit to the Northern Lights Planetarium in Tromsø is also included in the itinerary.

Hurtigruten: Embark on Unforgettable Nordic Adventures

These three immersive Arctic experiences, traversing a myriad of unforgettable landscapes, provide travelers with all the comforts of home while embodying Hurtigruten’s philosophy of northern adventure, allowing the night sky – light or dark, green or blue – to guide the way.

Hurtigruten Norway Returns to Simpler Roots

As part of the rebranding announced in September, Hurtigruten Norway will return to simply being Hurtigruten, maintaining the original name used when the iconic route was first launched in 1893, signifying “the fast route” in Norwegian.