Dance With The Stars On An MSC Cruise

MSC Melody
Cruise leader MSC Cruises isn’t just renowned for spacious ships with sumptuous designer interiors, superb cuisine and friendly Italian service. It’s equally famous for its creative themed cruises. From Chess and Card Games to Arts and Crafts, Food and Wine, Dance, Wellbeing and Beauty, there’s a choice for everyone to combine their personal passion with a voyage of relaxation, entertainment and discovery.
Upping the tempo, the family-owned company with a personal touch has just announced its 2010-2011 dance cruises, setting feet tapping in anticipation with a spectacular choice of 18-day cruises across the Atlantic, and one week Baila Conmigo cruises along the coasts of Argentina and Brazil.
Each of these MSC specials offers daily dance lessons at beginners’ and intermediate level under the personal guidance of internationally-acclaimed professionals. The stars this year include Elaine Santana and Alex de Oliveira of the Axel Dance Company, and Petra and Norbert Backhausen of the Tanzschule Backhausen. With their expert tuition, even complete novices will be able to get their feet round the right moves in a sweeping array of dances, from the Tango to the Mambo, Salsa, Samba, Cha Cha and more, including Ballroom and Popular Dancing. Each lesson includes a fitness focus, beginning with a warm-up and ending with stretching, adopting fun exercises selected to provide the most appropriate support.
Adding depth, there will be workshops on the origins and special features of the different dances, bringing insight into their techniques and soul.
MSC’s passion for dance is sure to get you into the flow, with evening entertainment that includes beautiful dance shows to thrill and inspire, together with dance competitions for guests at all levels to display their progress and prowess – while of course having a ball. And for the sheer fun of it, there are costume evenings at which you can twist and twirl to the tunes of a Carnival Party, Super Sixties and Seventies Revival, Tropical Dance Night and even the occasional Tango Night. What’s more, if the captivating rhythms and soulful melodies of Cape Verdean music are your passion, an unforgettable experience awaits on MSC Orchestra, dancing your heart away to internationally-celebrated pianist and composer Chico Serra and his band.
Chico Serra and his band
So, if you’re passionate about dance for self-expression and for fitness, there could be no finer opportunity to immerse yourself in its pleasures than an unforgettable voyage with MSC Cruises, dancing Latin American in its lands of origin. You’ll be enjoying superb sports, leisure and entertainment facilities, accompanied by fantastic food and drink from around the world – all served with Italian taste and style. And you could be exploring the famous sights of Rome, Venice, Tunis, Lisbon, Madeira, Buenos Aires, Santos or Rio de Janeiro and more, depending on which route you select, cruising either way across the Atlantic or along the sunshine coast of South America.
Returning home with incomparable memories, guests will treasure a special souvenir, with each participant receiving a beautiful certificate upon completion of their cruise, testifying to the new skills they have acquired.
The first of these MSC Cruises dance spectaculars will be stepping out on MSC Armonia from 20th September to 8th October 2010, followed by MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra, MSC Opera and MSC Lirica all the way through to April 2011. So that whenever you can get away, you can dance away with the stars.