“Sushi” on Seabourn Encore: Japanese Tradition In A Stylish, Seagoing Setting

Alternative Restaurant is the first for the ultra-luxury cruise line 

By Liam P. Cusack

Sushi, is the striking and innovative alternative dining room onboard the new Seabourn Encore. Designed and decorated by renowned hospitality designer Adam D. Tihany, the airy, intimate room located just off the Atrium on Deck 8 provides a delightful change of pace for guests craving something different for lunch or dinner as they sail the world.

Seabourn Encore Sushi (1)

The concept and execution of the sushi restaurant is the brainchild of Seabourn Culinary Consultant Chef Anton “Tony” Egger, who is responsible for everything from the recipes, menus and service style to the choice of uniforms, china and tableware.

“I was an executive chef on Seabourn ships and also corporate executive chef for a while, so I’m familiar with the taste and expectations of Seabourn’s guests,” says Egger. “I love really good sushi myself, so I was committed to developing the best sushi dining experience, not only with impeccably fresh ingredients and expert preparation, but also with the cultural aspects of the Japanese sushi tradition.”

Working with Japanese chef friends, Egger spent months developing a network of suppliers to ensure that only top quality ingredients are used. The chef’s pantry will contain only Japanese fish, seafood, and crucial elements such as the special Japanese sushi rice, differently flavored vinegars, and a variety of fresh Japanese produce.

Egger says his menus are ingredient-specific, no substitutions are permitted. If an ingredient is unavailable, the chefs will not serve the dish. The Japanese sushi tradition is exemplified by small, family-run restaurants, and that is the fun, friendly atmosphere that guests will enjoy at Sushi on Seabourn Encore.


“The staff in Sushi, from the three specialized Asian sushi chefs to the wait-staff, all interact as one team, focused on the guests,” says Egger. “You’ll see the sommelier delivering food plates, the waiters fetching drinks, it feels like a family operation. But like in a family, when it comes to the preparation, there are specialists,” he continued. “Properly cooked and vinegared rice is the heart of sushi, so one person is the rice master, for every meal, every day.”

Lunches at Sushi celebrate the Japanese bento box tradition offering a balanced, delectable meal served in a quick and casual style. Diners will have three options daily, with main courses of meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian. Each box includes a hot miso soup, a Japanese-style salad and a simple dessert.

Dinners are served a la carte, and include edamame and miso soup, an array of salads and small plates of various sashimis and tatakis, as well as a variety of sashimi, nigiri and maki sushi, and signature rolls exploiting the best ingredients selected by the chefs. All selections can be ordered either as individual servings or as a shared plate. Unlike the sequence of courses in a Western meal, sushi is served continuously as it is prepared by the chefs. Desserts are simple but delicious, consisting of Asian-flavored ice creams, sorbets and puddings.

Accentuating the meals, Seabourn’s master mixologist, Brian van Flandern, has created two special cocktails for Sushi, a craft drink called the Sushi Verde, and a unique Yamazaki Whiskey Tea Ceremony for couples or quartets. Sushi also offers a variety of hot or cold Japanese sakes, beers and a selection of wines to complement the menus. And in another bow to tradition, a selection of five distinctive Japanese teas are available, brewed in artisanal cast iron pots.

In keeping with Japanese tradition, reservations are not required. If a seat is open, guests are welcome.

Liam Cusack

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