Holland America Line Preserves Iconic Piece of its Legacy, The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons has been preserved. Newly appointed Holland America Line President, Gus Antorcha, announced that arrangements have been made to keep this important work of art that has been part of the line’s history for more than eight decades. The Four Seasons is a series of bronze wall sculptures that originally hung onboard the legendary ocean liner ss NIEUW AMSTERDAM of 1938.

This work of art had been preserved and displayed on other Holland America ships including the NIEUW AMSTERDAM III (1982) and, most recently, Holland America Line’s ms AMSTERDAM (2000). However, the recently it was announced that the ms AMSTERDAM had been sold, casting the future of The Four Seasons was in doubt.

In total, four Holland America ships have been sold due to the economic impact of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The ms AMSTERDAM was sold to UK-Based Fred Olsen Cruises along with the vessel’s twin, the ms ROTTERDAM VI. Respectively these ships will be renamed ms BOLLETTE and ms BOREALIS. Holland America’s ms VEENDAM and ms MAASDAM were also sold. The VEENDAM has been renamed AEGEAN MAJESTY, though not much is known what the new owners plans are. The MAASDAM’s new owners have yet to be identified.

When the sale of the ships was announced, some Holland America Line Fans believed The Four Seasons would be lost. First reports indicated that all works of art were included under the terms of the sale. Fans were so concerned that an online petition was started to save The Four Seasons, resulting in several hundred signatures.

One of those signatures came from Holland America Line fan Beth Hughes who commented, “Please keep this amazing piece of art and reassign to another ship. After 80 years millions have likely gazed on it, and many more should!”

These comments had impact and were heard by Antorcha, who intervened, ensuring the artwork would be retained and preserved by Holland America. Holland America reached out to the ship’s new owners who gave their permission to recover the work of art.

 “The Four Seasons bronze figures are a wonderful example of the classic artwork displayed on our ships during the 1930s, and we are pleased that arrangements could be made to keep them in the family,” said Gus Antorcha.

There are no specifics at this time about where The Four Seasons will be installed, and logistics are still being finalized, but Antorcha says, “We will find an appropriate way to display this important part of our history for many to see and appreciate.”

We will continue to update this story until The Four Seasons finds its new home.