Hurtigruten Expeditions (a.k.a. HX) Announces Their 2025-2026 Season

The expedition cruising specialist unveils new itineraries in Svalbard, Iceland, the Northwest Passage and Greenland; increased Antarctic capacity; and a continued focus on warm-water destinations

New York, NY – Nov. 17, 2023 – HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions), a leader in expedition cruising, announces its 2025-2026 season, doubling down on growth destinations with the introduction of new ports, landings, and itineraries, as well as increased local integration and community engagement programming.

The season will showcase over 80 itineraries across five continents, building on HXs reputation for creating new and innovative travel experiences in key expedition regions, including Alaska, Antarctica, Greenland and the Northwest passage. HX will further establish its footprint in warm waters following its inaugural season in West Africa (launching November 2023) and the successful introduction of three new Galápagos Islands itineraries in 2023.

“With 130 years of heritage in expedition cruising, we have more experience to draw on than any other operator. Our continued investment in the regions and experiences we know best has created a firm foundation. This heritage, combined with our product teams’ dedication to fostering connections with the people and places we visit, will lead to our strongest season yet.”

Alex Delamere-White, HX Chief Commercial Officer

Greenland: Largest-ever Offering, with Sailings from New Port in Nuuk
HXs largest-ever Greenland season will include more sailings with the addition of a fourth vessel, MS Spitsbergen. The operator will also be one of the first to sail from Nuuk’s new airport (set to open in 2024), launching four itineraries, including three ‘Grand Greenland’ voyages that start and end in Nuuk: Icy Giants of Disko BayMythical Lands of the North and Farthest North to Thule and Kane Basin. The new port will reduce transit time, allowing for immediate immersion in Greenland’s wildlife and scenery. Additionally, itineraries along Greenland’s west coast will see enhanced community engagement, building on the recently announced partnership between sister brand Hurtigruten and local Arctic Umiaq Line.

Northwest Passage and Arctic Canada: Four New Voyages and Increased Focus on Community Engagement
In 2025, HX will introduce four new Arctic Canada sailings, all originating from or concluding at the new port in Nuuk, Greenland. These voyages will encompass two Northwest Passage crossings, providing curious travelers with the opportunity to navigate this legendary route; among the world’s most exclusive travel experiences, only a select few thousand individuals undertake the passage annually. Guests can choose between the iconic east-to-west route, pioneered by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, and the new west-to-east sailing onboard MS Roald Amundsen from Alaska to Greenland.

Itineraries in 2025 will see an increased presence of cultural ambassadors and enrichment programs for guests to connect with Arctic Canada’s indigenous communities. This expansion builds on agreements with the Territory of Nunavut (NU) and Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR), which have led to a steady and continued number of cultural ambassadors and archaeologists on HX’s Northwest Passage sailings.

Antarctica: Most Expansive Line-up in Two Decades Paired with Investment in Science Programming
Drawing on over two decades of experience programming Antarctic expeditions, HX will reinforce its leadership in the region with 50 departures to the Seventh Continent. This marks the largest-ever offering in the destination, facilitated by the addition of a fourth ship, MS Maud, in the 2023-2024 season. This upcoming Antarctic season, HX’s Science & Education program will donate over 1,100 cabins, support more than 20 projects and facilitate 16,000+ data submissions. Looking ahead to 2025, HX plans to welcome new research partners onboard, growing its support and investment in science and education.

Svalbard: Exclusive, New Spring Itineraries
HX will offer guests an opportunity to explore Svalbard as the archipelago emerges from the polar winter into spring. Venturing deep above the Artic Circle, the new Svalbard in Spring – Return of the Sun itinerary includes areas seldom explored during the most exclusive time of year. Guests will embark in Longyearbyen before heading to western Svalbard. During immersive glacial hikes and kayaking safaris, adventure-seekers can observe Arctic terns, polar bears, whales and walruses alongside the support of dedicated ornithologists, scientists and researchers.

Alaska: Celebrating Five Seasons
MS Roald Amundsen
, the world’s first battery hybrid-powered ship, will continue to serve guests for HXs fifth season in this key destination. The industry-leading vessel allows guests to reach remote ports inaccessible to larger ships and experience Alaska’s wildlife and landscapes in a uniquely intimate way.

West Africa: Continued Focus on Warm Waters
HX is poised to make a return to West Africa, where it will be the only cruise line to exclusively sail the archipelagos of both Cape Verde and the Bissagos Islands. The waters surrounding the Bissagos Islands, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, call upon the unique skillsets of HXs worldclass navigators. Product design support from members of HXs Black Travel Advisory Board will drive development of new programs focused on engaging and supporting local communities.

For more information please contact Hurtigruten Expeditions or consult you personal travel advisor.

Hippo in the green pool. Credit: Hurtigruten